Back to the Future! | Post modern Jukebox

Song inspiration time!

So, I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ)’s radical vintage themed music covers and it’s effing glorious (if you’re into the whole ol’ jazz and blues) for a long time now.

One of my favourite, and a good start to get into PMJ, is their cover for Radiohead’s Creep. If you’re into Radiohead as much as I am, trust me, you’ll love it.

(Or comment below saying it’s absolute trash and you’ll never trust me music taste ever again. I don’t know, feel free to do so??)

Radiohead – Creep| Youtube Version for those who doesn’t have Spotify 

Radiohead – Creep | PMJ cover 


Here are a couple of others you should check out too.


Bonus edition! If you were into NSYNC (90s babies, I holler!) and a Taratino/ Pulp Fiction fan like me, you’ll love this. Fo’ sure. That mini guitar solo. Trust. Me. 

NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye / 60s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Surf Rock Style | PMJ Cover

If you really love them, go support them and sub to them!

PMJ | Youtube Channel 

PMJ | Itunes Store

PMJ | Twitter 

PMJ | Facebook Page

PMJ | Instagram

If you have Spotify on your fancy electronics / laptop, they have a spotify page too.

Happy listening, ol’ sport.

** I am in no way affiliated with PMJ or am paid to do this post, this is just me suggesting new music as a happy fangirl of PMJ, and hope you will enjoy this new taste of music.

A new beginning

A new beginning

So, I’ve thought long and hard (hey-o!) about this decision, whether or not to keep my ancient WordPress blog, but after rifling through the new interface for WP…

My face ‘literally exploded’ with happiness when I saw the new WP

One thing I can say about this. It has improved a lot! Like, HEAPS compared to when I first started out in ’09. (To the WP veterans out there, remember back in the days when you had to manually edit your blogs customisation – all those css codes and shit. Yeah, those were the days!) 

Long story short, as I want to keep this blog update brief (which definitely doesn’t give this long blog hiatus enough justice, let’s be honest here!), I’ve decided to use this old WP blog to integrate all my tumblr blogs (mostly writing and photography one, if people really do wish to visit my fandom related blog, feel free to comment whether or not you want me to link it on this blog), photography portfolio, social media and bits n bobs and here and there.

It’s currently in maintenance mode – redesigning everything on this old blog. It’s going to take some work, taking photos and editing them to make this old blog sleek AF. Simple AF. Minimalist AF.

(Well, not usually a “minimalist” kind of person, just figured it’ll make this blog look much simpler and neater, which I guess is the whole point of minimalism.)

And now, for something completely different… several face palms that shall be me whilst I edit everything that needs to go on my blogs. 😥

When everything all fails mid-editing. : D

I haven’t been blogging consistently, guess I could admit to myself (and to whoever is reading this post currently, gracias amigos (Español is such a sexist language, isn’t it? Then again, most of latin based languages are…)), that I fell out of it. I miss blogging, writing continuously for the fun of it, and I’ve brainstormed a fair amount of topics that I wish to write about. Some HK related stuff, since I’m currently at me home city, and not at Bristol, UK, anymore (:sadface: :wavestoBrizzleamigos:).

It’s true, a’right

On top of all this, been creative writing a lot. I say “a lot”, more like working on a short story named The Monster , which is a story based in Victorian London… and if you like – hint, hint- supernatural murder-y stuff, hopefully you’ll get to enjoy it soon.

(Y’know, once I edit the second chapter and all.. heh!)

Another I shall have to do, is editing my huge pile of photos that I took during my trip to NYC, Boston, Rhode Island and oh! Canada! , which I ought and should get around to at some point. (:facepalms:)


For the nerdy geeks out there, y’all shall be happy with this: Book Reviews! Comic Book Reviews! Since I’m a comic book hoarder – picture Smaug Zonie over a pile of pristine comic books. I HAVE ISSUES OKAY! :clutches comic book issues to chest:


Hopefully in future, I may upload my future graphic novel (if I ever get around to it and somehow find an artist (or willing friend…) who can draw better hooman shapes, buttocks and bosoms and galore than me!) onto here, or perhaps on another site, but linked to this. 

We shall see, future zonie. -We shall see- 

Anyway, hope this blog post just proves that I’m “alive” and erm, well, I guess. I’ll look forward to this whole she-bang of lots and lots of editing! Stay tune, folks!

Annddd… here’s a sexy ass gif to make up for my stupid long hiatus on WP! Forgive me! D:

Blogging moved to Tumblr.

Just to let y’all know, the recent blogs and updates will be permently moved to my writing tumblr blog. I have nothing against wordpress, it’s a lovely blogging website, but it’s because I’m finding that I’m using my tumblr blog much more compared to this wordpress blog. There are both writing and artworks on the tumblr blog as well.

You can follow me on tumblr or twitter, by clicking on the links below:



For artworks/photography:



– Zones

You know. Just. stuff.

So, I’m only writing an entry in here due to my procrastination for revision… Revising for a module named “Competing through Operations”… you can figure out how boring this one would be. 

Utterly boring. And useless. (To my degree, which is marketing. I still have “yet” to figure out why the hell the university decided to put this module in. To fill in a potential gap? Why not put in a creative module, aye? It’s a marketing degree, after all. Innovation creativity… that sounds like a good potential module indeed! -__-“) 

Anyway, I hope you lovelies are fairly doing well. Despite the catastrophic news circulating the media and what’s not. In terms of my life and what’s been happening and all…

Well! This second year of university, I have to admit, most throughly enjoyed! I have met the most greatest of friends – usually through the sci-fi and fantasy society, but named “psi-phi” (geddit?) and a few from anime, then again the majority of us “psiphians” (yes, I made that word up, often consisting of my friends in the society) pretty much invades and conquers a specific space in the anime (actually a lecture) room! I’m surprised we haven’t “plotted” a FLAG on that particular space! Then again, I’m sure we don’t need to. We have a ginger soul-eater…

(It’s dangerous for me to even admit that last sentence. So beware, if I don’t post for several months… or update my writing etc, you know what happened. #earlywarning)

Courseworks are over and done with, thank goodness! February was a hell month for me! That was continuous courseworks month for me back then. (Most hated month of the year, I admit. Definitely!) It’s just revision for next month’s exams. Ah, the smell of the horrid “may exams”. Every student’s nightmare. I’ve always had exams during the month of may – so not the ideal month for me every year. The only thing I get out of is my beastie’s birthday! This year, I shall be screaming my head off and squealing in delight, not only cause it’s my last exam date, but because a) it’ll be my sister (beastie)’s birthday and b) it’ll be the new 30 seconds to mars album, “Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams” that I pre-ordered (annoyingly, I realised last night that I in fact pre-ordered the mp3 download off itunes… and didn’t care to think that would be the online download version, rather than the physical album! #idiot).

In terms of love life and such things like that – still a single soul floating about. Then again, had some interesting moments, but only to find out it only led to nowhere. Though, there may be an inkling feeling… a curiosity… (or a “crush” like you high-schoolers calls it. ugh.) towards a certain someone…

that I won’t ever tell (yet!), cause it’s too bloody embarrassing .. very. shamefully. embarrassing … (then again, my beastie knows, but she knows everything. I tell her stuff. And she tell me stuff. It’s a fair trade and bartering system, for 7 to be 8 fucking years. HA!)

In terms of writing stuff – I AM getting there! My sole focus is my revision (trying to.. “trying”!) at the moment. But I do have several plans and ideas for “Ti Amo”. I do aim (hopefully!) to finish off the drat first draft for this script, it has been years that I have been working on! It has been taking far too long to actually finish off this script – mainly due to the lack of time needed just for “writing time”, thanks to my studies (this included my sixth form studies and university). BloodLust will even take longer, as that’s a novel! *sighs*

(I should just go for early retirement, shouldn’t I? I might be able to get these projects done faster! AHA.)

Photography wise – there are summer projects that I hope to do. This may include practice film shots, most likely around Hong Kong, when I’m back home for the summer. May do some Bristol and Bath (if I DO make a trip there after exams! We’ll see!) pictures after exams… – to keep my sanity after the stresses from exams and revision! You can be updated by my photography blog, especially if you own a tumblr blog, I would advise you to. (Purty please! *bats lashes* I promise it’s not another time portal that will lead to another black hole… *shifts awkwardly* *side glance*)

Anything else that I need to update? I don’t suppose so. Everything else, still the blooming same ol’ stuff. Just, yeah. Stuff.

Stuff, stuff stuff…. bleh. STUFF.  

A goodnight to you all. I record the time as half 2 in the morning. End of entry. Sperro tutto bene!

– Zona Heera. –

New hilarious (and quite sarcastic) scene written for “Ti Amo”!

Well, other than studying for my second year at university and being attacked by cannons of workload, I had written a new scene for ‘Ti Amo’. Which hopefully I will be bothered at some point to upload a preview for! Hint: the scene consists of Emilie and her psychiatrist.

I’m really excited thinking and planning for “Ti Amo”- lots of wonderful scenes that I wish I could already film!! BUT NO. The script will have to come first!! So much work, so little time!

And yes, if you were all wondering, I had written that script during a lecture – a very boring lecture, where most of us students were desperately trying not to fall asleep and pray to the ones above to kill us all… or just fast-forward time already.

(It was a lecture where I had my laptop with me, so I couldn’t help it, but to continue working on my script. Also, I felt inspired then… and guilty for not working on my script for weeks due to studies.)

On another note, there is a photography blog of mine! Click HERE if you wish to enter my captured web… 

(ie: my photography blog/ portfolio)

There are recent pictures from my interrailing trip around Europe (Italy and Benelux), and possibly some Bristol pictures that I hope to take in the near future!

I am uploading ‘a pic a day’, so I can schedule my timing for studies and blogging better. (And to possibly annoy followers for waiting for the next picture upload! Haa!)

Anyway, I thank those who are following me/ reads my works. I greatly appreciate it!


~~ Zonie ~~