A new beginning

A new beginning

So, I've thought long and hard (hey-o!) about this decision, whether or not to keep my ancient WordPress blog, but after rifling through the new interface for WP... One thing I can say about this. It has improved a lot! Like, HEAPS compared to when I first started out in '09. (To the WP veterans out there, [...]


Blogging moved to Tumblr.

Just to let y'all know, the recent blogs and updates will be permently moved to my writing tumblr blog. I have nothing against wordpress, it's a lovely blogging website, but it's because I'm finding that I'm using my tumblr blog much more compared to this wordpress blog. There are both writing and artworks on the [...]

You know. Just. stuff.

So, I'm only writing an entry in here due to my procrastination for revision... Revising for a module named "Competing through Operations"... you can figure out how boring this one would be.  Utterly boring. And useless. (To my degree, which is marketing. I still have "yet" to figure out why the hell the university decided to [...]