“The imagination from one’s mind flutters about, panicking, distressed, and quietly lays itself on these very pages.”

A twenty-something cinnamon obsessed procrastibaker living in the Jane Austen’s Georgian city of Bath, UK.

Zona, the name that everyone calls and knows her by, had always been interested in writing stories, creating her own characters and lining them up to decide who takes the “fall” in later scenes. (Insert diabolical laughter here.)

On a night when she was bogged down with sixth form courseworks, some 7 years ago (this is in no way to make herself feel old, not at all), she decided to put her writing into use: screenwriting and prose writing. (She still procrastinated on her courseworks.) 

Now, her sole focus is completing most of her manuscript for Clockwork (rough title, she’s not that great at naming things), hopefully by the end of her creative writing masters course at Bath Spa University, Bath. She’s currently obsessing and becoming insane whilst writing it; hopefully it’ll be an EPIC, original and unforgettable story! #notreally #butitllpaymyrentIsuppose

Her future screenwriting project will be Ti Amo,  in the hopes that one day it will be produced.

She also does photography (mainly landscapes or street photography), doodling in workshops (she tries and not to but it’s inevitable) and socialising with other (not very) sane people and chatting up to…

her dwarf, her male gay druid, “Carmen” the horse, Zayak the wolf… 

… and the hay bale. (It is a very long tale, saved for another winter’s night.)