Why I love reading

Why I love reading? Because the thought of following a fictional character’s journey, and seeing them change as a “person” throughout a book, is a beautiful experience for both reader and the character. To see how the character develops as a “person” only reflects how the writer themselves experiences the change too. The lessons they teach and make us, the readers, think about things what we don’t normally think about.

Amongst my family, I’m probably the biggest reader, if you count the fact that I own the most books in the flat. I had to get a new bigger bookshelf to fit all of my books in a pretty and organised way. Instead of stacking them on top of each other on one shelf! I love the fact I learn new things from books or even get inspired from some, and without my love of reading, I would never have considered becoming a writer despite my parents’ effort to think of some other career.

The smell of a bookshop, when I step into it, brings me absolute nostalgic joy, knowing that there are books that I want to read (or hug). Even if it means sitting in a corner reading the first few chapters of a new book written by an unknown author to me.

Since I was little, I always preferred the school library (to the point that I befriended the librarian and she knew what books I would like), sitting in my own makeshift comfy corner that compiled of a big floor cushion and a pile of library books. Hidden behind the shelves of books, I was too busy to notice anyone passing me, already having immersed myself into a fictional world. The world building in books is what I always loved, so it’s no wonder I tend to read sci-fi and fantasy books (started with the fantasy genre, then slowly trickled into sci-fi). Don’t get me wrong, I still read literary and classic fiction from time to time! If you haven’t read “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, do so!

Books have always been my safe haven, where I could keep myself sane or when I feel lost and need to find peace and solace in something I love. Or when I’m too frustrated and depressed with my manuscript, sometimes reading a favourite genre or author’s book comforts me. 

Reading has been integral in my everyday life, forcing me to be in the shoes of another individual, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, and to understand the world in someone’s else eyes. It’s made me want to travel, to see the different parts of the world that I’m not used to, to hear the stories from the people I could meet, and who knows, it might inspire a new story for me to write.

To sit amongst the bowers of a garden, reading under a tree, too immersed in another world as I’m too drawn to the character’s journey, is a wonderful thing to pass time with. Snuggling in bed at night with my hot cuppa next to me and reading with lit candles strewn about (so hygge!), it brings me clarity when I’ve been stressed and anxious throughout the day. I can finally breathe with relief, the weight of the duvet like a comforting hug. Unless I’m with the floof giant, then it’s stealing several cuddles from him. (Diabolical laughter.)

I find it comforting to know there will always be a book that I could love or had loved deeply and still treasure today, and I’m always encouraging friends to read more (I’ve given up on my brother, I’ve tried!) because there’ll always be a book for them to love. There isn’t such a thing of not finding the right book for you to be interested in. There are plenty of niche reading genres today!




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