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So, I’ve finally set up a Bloglovin’ profile! Took me awhile to gear up and sit my butt down to do so, but so far I really like the simple layout and integration of it. It’s like Pinterest but for blogs! Such a useful little tool to collect all the blogs I read, not all are on WordPress, and I do love it when things are in one place. Either physically in my so-called student room or digitally. Hey, it’s the start of my decluttering journey (in the real materialist world or digital world (ie: my laptop)) and a slow journey… but I’m getting there. (Kinda, hopefully.)

If you enjoy reading my blog, but use Blogspot, Livejournal (is that still up and running??), or any other blogging site, and you do love using Bloglovin’…

Feel free to follow my blog on Bloglovin’. Much Love. Many Cookies. If you do! 🙂  


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