So I’m a writer, I think.

The last few months of 2016 was a hectic one for me – rushing about to get everything organised, moving abroad to the other side of the world (again! After two long years!), and starting a Masters degree whilst sorting out the place I was living in.

And, of course, being a poor student again. (yay!)

Two years ago, I had moved back to my home city, Hong Kong, and it started off as a (sort of) pleasant welcome back moment… but soon, I grew tired and exhausted of the city. Maybe it was because I had to live with my parents (thank you HK and your expensive rent) or I just lacked the friends I needed to be a “social butterfly” (I really am not, I still avoid people circa le olde primary days). I won’t -sugar-coat- it, I was miserable living in Hong Kong, my depression got worse, I was trying to find a job but kept failing in getting one (apart from the one internship I did briefly), but I plodded through especially with my creative writing.

Now, if I hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t be here in Bath. Yes, the Jane Austen‘s Bath, you read that right. I’m not in Hong Kong currently (to be honest, I have no idea where I would be in the near future), I’m studying in a (goddamn) gorgeous Georgian city in a course I’ve always wanted to do; a creative writing degree in a university that I had been looking at since my final year days. (I was too scared to apply for it – I didn’t think I was good enough, cue in low self-esteem cries.) A course that has writers that I know of, heard of (I know right?!), teaching and helping a bunch of us scrubs (writers) (not that we’re the screenwriters of Scrubs the tv show – eh, I wish. I relate to JD  way too much) to better our writing skills.


‘PUT AWAY THE COFFEE AND BRING OUT THE TEA BAGS!’ – Gavin (2), my manuscript supervisor (and who teaches scriptwriting, but I’m not in that course, I’m in the creative writing course), when I asked how I should approach in writing more “prose-like” than “screenplay-like”. 

It’s weird to think or even acknowledge the fact that I am a writer – I’m a person who writes stories, people in my workshop classes has given me feedback, actual constructive feedback, rather than someone commenting online “I love this!” or “This is nice.”

I’m actually enjoying my time studying this course, it’s nice being a university student again (asides from being on a strict budget – I spend way too much on food, I can’t help it. I’m a foodie! *cries*) and being in ye olde Somerset yet again. It is nice to walk around such a pretty city (plus, it’s a fair excuse to save bus money… and Bath is so small, you really don’t need to take the overpriced First Buses. Heh.) and to be so close to Bristol, where I can visit old university friends much more easily. (Keep forgetting how much smaller Bath train station is, compared to Bristol temple meads!)

Hopefully I’ll get published one day, at some point in the future, if people still reads dystopian fiction by the time I do get published. Yes, the manuscript I’m working on is my long time story universe, Clockwork (name still yet to be changed), and it’s surreal to be writing this story…

… actually writing it up, onto pen and paper (well, on the laptop really), rather than have this massive universe stuck in my head since year 12. :shiver me timbers:

(Puhlease, no torrenting my first novel! I’m looking at you, you know who you are! Someone needs to pay her future rent, thank you very much!)

Alongside the writing, I’m still trying to work out when exactly to work on my illustration. I want to get better at it, as well the calligraphy practice, and thank goodness I’ve got a drawing tablet and ipad to work on it. That being said, there’s still going to be some traditional drawings, done on canvases (look at me, so fancy and shit!), and if they come out -decently well- then perhaps I may set up an etsy shop…

(‘Cause it’ll greatly help me expenses – food expenses…. especially. And, of course, rent, bills, etc. Thank god for housesharing.)

The other thing I want to say: my plan for this WP blog is to keep things “real”, ie: writing more serious topics on this blog, and using my tumblr blog for more experimental creative writing pieces and/or WIP progress stuff (writing/drawing).

I’m still undecided, confused, and just well… indecisive… (I realise these are all synonyms…), so things might change in the near future. We’ll see about that.

How to make sainsbury’s coffee nicer: find a milk frother in your student kitchen and abuse the sh*t out of it!



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