Back to the Future! | Post modern Jukebox

Song inspiration time!

So, I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ)’s radical vintage themed music covers and it’s effing glorious (if you’re into the whole ol’ jazz and blues) for a long time now.

One of my favourite, and a good start to get into PMJ, is their cover for Radiohead’s Creep. If you’re into Radiohead as much as I am, trust me, you’ll love it.

(Or comment below saying it’s absolute trash and you’ll never trust me music taste ever again. I don’t know, feel free to do so??)

Radiohead – Creep| Youtube Version for those who doesn’t have Spotify 

Radiohead – Creep | PMJ cover 


Here are a couple of others you should check out too.


Bonus edition! If you were into NSYNC (90s babies, I holler!) and a Taratino/ Pulp Fiction fan like me, you’ll love this. Fo’ sure. That mini guitar solo. Trust. Me. 

NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye / 60s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Surf Rock Style | PMJ Cover

If you really love them, go support them and sub to them!

PMJ | Youtube Channel 

PMJ | Itunes Store

PMJ | Twitter 

PMJ | Facebook Page

PMJ | Instagram

If you have Spotify on your fancy electronics / laptop, they have a spotify page too.

Happy listening, ol’ sport.

** I am in no way affiliated with PMJ or am paid to do this post, this is just me suggesting new music as a happy fangirl of PMJ, and hope you will enjoy this new taste of music.


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