A new beginning

The end of Summer

So, I’ve thought long and hard (hey-o!) about this decision, whether or not to keep my ancient WordPress blog, but after rifling through the new interface for WP…

My face ‘literally exploded’ with happiness when I saw the new WP

One thing I can say about this. It has improved a lot! Like, HEAPS compared to when I first started out in ’09. (To the WP veterans out there, remember back in the days when you had to manually edit your blogs customisation – all those css codes and shit. Yeah, those were the days!) 

Long story short, as I want to keep this blog update brief (which definitely doesn’t give this long blog hiatus enough justice, let’s be honest here!), I’ve decided to use this old WP blog to integrate all my tumblr blogs (mostly writing and photography one, if people really do wish to visit my fandom related blog, feel free to comment whether or not you want me to link it on this blog), photography portfolio, social media and bits n bobs and here and there.

It’s currently in maintenance mode – redesigning everything on this old blog. It’s going to take some work, taking photos and editing them to make this old blog sleek AF. Simple AF. Minimalist AF.

(Well, not usually a “minimalist” kind of person, just figured it’ll make this blog look much simpler and neater, which I guess is the whole point of minimalism.)

And now, for something completely different… several face palms that shall be me whilst I edit everything that needs to go on my blogs. 😥

When everything all fails mid-editing. : D

I haven’t been blogging consistently, guess I could admit to myself (and to whoever is reading this post currently, gracias amigos (Español is such a sexist language, isn’t it? Then again, most of latin based languages are…)), that I fell out of it. I miss blogging, writing continuously for the fun of it, and I’ve brainstormed a fair amount of topics that I wish to write about. Some HK related stuff, since I’m currently at me home city, and not at Bristol, UK, anymore (:sadface: :wavestoBrizzleamigos:).

It’s true, a’right

On top of all this, been creative writing a lot. I say “a lot”, more like working on a short story named The Monster , which is a story based in Victorian London… and if you like – hint, hint- supernatural murder-y stuff, hopefully you’ll get to enjoy it soon.

(Y’know, once I edit the second chapter and all.. heh!)

Another I shall have to do, is editing my huge pile of photos that I took during my trip to NYC, Boston, Rhode Island and oh! Canada! , which I ought and should get around to at some point. (:facepalms:)


For the nerdy geeks out there, y’all shall be happy with this: Book Reviews! Comic Book Reviews! Since I’m a comic book hoarder – picture Smaug Zonie over a pile of pristine comic books. I HAVE ISSUES OKAY! :clutches comic book issues to chest:


Hopefully in future, I may upload my future graphic novel (if I ever get around to it and somehow find an artist (or willing friend…) who can draw better hooman shapes, buttocks and bosoms and galore than me!) onto here, or perhaps on another site, but linked to this. 

We shall see, future zonie. -We shall see- 

Anyway, hope this blog post just proves that I’m “alive” and erm, well, I guess. I’ll look forward to this whole she-bang of lots and lots of editing! Stay tune, folks!

Annddd… here’s a sexy ass gif to make up for my stupid long hiatus on WP! Forgive me! D:

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