New hilarious (and quite sarcastic) scene written for “Ti Amo”!

Well, other than studying for my second year at university and being attacked by cannons of workload, I had written a new scene for ‘Ti Amo’. Which hopefully I will be bothered at some point to upload a preview for! Hint: the scene consists of Emilie and her psychiatrist.

I’m really excited thinking and planning for “Ti Amo”- lots of wonderful scenes that I wish I could already film!! BUT NO. The script will have to come first!! So much work, so little time!

And yes, if you were all wondering, I had written that script during a lecture – a very boring lecture, where most of us students were desperately trying not to fall asleep and pray to the ones above to kill us all… or just fast-forward time already.

(It was a lecture where I had my laptop with me, so I couldn’t help it, but to continue working on my script. Also, I felt inspired then… and guilty for not working on my script for weeks due to studies.)

On another note, there is a photography blog of mine! Click HERE if you wish to enter my captured web… 

(ie: my photography blog/ portfolio)

There are recent pictures from my interrailing trip around Europe (Italy and Benelux), and possibly some Bristol pictures that I hope to take in the near future!

I am uploading ‘a pic a day’, so I can schedule my timing for studies and blogging better. (And to possibly annoy followers for waiting for the next picture upload! Haa!)

Anyway, I thank those who are following me/ reads my works. I greatly appreciate it!


~~ Zonie ~~


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