Update on Ti Amo: New scene. Just written.

INT: A psychiatrist office is dimly lit by a standing lamp next to a dark brown sofa, yellow-orange, where a woman in her mid-thirties sat cross legged in a matching armchair next to the sofa. The whole office appears to have a ‘homey’ feel, knick knacks strewn about shelves, but files are laid in between. A picture of the psychiatrist and her newly wed husband is seen on her desk – a similar brown, not afar from the ‘lounge area’. The windows are covered by reddish brown curtains, only allowing a stream of sunlight to hit like a spotlight onto the still sat cross legged psychiatrist. Next to her, laid EMILIE, on the sofa, with her eyes closed, trying to reenact her ‘nightmares’ and describing her ‘tensed feelings’ out loud, but in a whisper.

Everything is quiet, apart from a wooden clock hung up on a wall, ticking away the second.

© Zones Heera
I have not written for such a long while, mainly due to lack of inspiration and being busy with other stuff. The lack of inspiration though is the main reason. I haven’t written any such proses or worked on my screen because of it, but this scene I had to write down before I would forget it. Hope you enjoy!

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