Screenwriters Meeting!! [ToNIGHT!]

There’s a screenwriters’ meeting tonight, from 1900- 2200 hours, at University of Bristol. Even though I go to UWE Bristol (a different uni in Bristol, to which everyone seems to think that people who goes there are dumbasses… believe me, we ain’t. THERE ARE PEOPLE SMARTER THAN ME. I SWEAR TO THAT. o__O” This just goes to show what stereotypes beliefs us stupid humans have… – damn those stereotypes influencing our schemas to be crapcrapcrap-.), I’m still going to the meeting.

It’s a bristol uni society meeting, so whatever, I’m still going. – gate crasher. MUAAAHHH.-

Plus, there isn’t any film society or photography society (it wasn’t even set up/ people couldn’t be bothered about it. HUH.) at my uni, so I’m being a lovely traitor, and trying out for bristol uni’s ones. LOL. :’}

Sooooo, I’ll see what’s it like tonight.. 

If I can find the muddafugging student “bar 100” in Bristol uni campus… or even the campus itself! 

*google map anyone? B|* 

– zonie xxxx

P.S. Who has tried to -drag- a friend to some place you don’t know, so you won’t get lost alone…. (and avoid a #foreveralone moment). 

I’ll be doing that tonight. ;D


PPPS, I’M HAVING A CUPPA WITH MY SEXAH HOLMES. *shut up, he’s not imaginary… he’s muddafugging R.E.A.L.* 

And we’re discussing about the mystery wanted person, who apparently keeps using truckloads of my butter in the fridge… *coughs* *housemate* *coughs* 

Potential suspect: FAl (Alex).


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