“Busy as a bee…”

Well, haven’t updated here in a very long while! Best I better be brief from what has happened and what’s going on currently.

I’m not in sixth form anymore, I’m currently studying in UWE BRISTOL, in Bristol (of course), sharing an awesome old Victorian house (off campus) with 6 other freshers. Though you would think I would be studying English Language, or at least literature, reading all my prose and things here on this site.

HA! No, I am not.

I am studying marketing at UWE. Writing is my passion, my hobby, as well as scriptwriting.

(I’m just too creative for my kind. (blushes))

Anyway, best I get cracking and put it out there.

As you’ve realised (or not, till I write here), there is a new  under-page for my “Scripts” page, “Ti Amo”. Why? Cause I’m devoting my own time (or whenever I have a spare time from studying!) in writing up my original story.

It was just too good to be true, the fact that I even came up with the story. I just had to write it, script it. Every time I scripted – I would imagine all sorts of scenes. And yes, I was very inspired (mostly) by music itself, whilst scripting – probably most writers has that, so I’m probably not a very “special case”, eh?

The main band that I’ve been inspired by: The Pineapple Thief (a band who I’ve been currently obsessing with since this summer… and who are playing in Bristol in 2 months time! Just found out last night, I had to put it out there. *grins* They’re playing a gig not too far from where I live!), 30 seconds to mars (though most of their songs are more inspired for “Bloodlust” – my novel. Of course, y’all should  know! …), Radiohead and Placebo.

I know, I know, Linkin Park is supposed to be my most favourite band – but their new songs mostly inspired me to write “Clockwork” – another script project, that I’ll focus on after “Ti Amo”.

The third script project is “The Seeker” – which judging by the storyline I’ve come up with, it may be a short film! It’s a sci-fi, with a hint and dash of psychological thriller – of course, if you know me well, I love this genre a little -too much-.

But yeah, The Seeker and Clockwork, won’t properly start em till Ti Amo is finished in writing.

For Renewed, I will ‘hold’ the page for now, since I won’t go back to it for a long while. It’s just a fun scriptwriting project really, but don’t worry, I will someday finish it! I too want to see how it ends up as!

If you don’t see the Renewed page – it’s because I have hidden it for now.

Bloodlust, oh GOURD, I really don’t know when I will go back to it. I have so many ideas for it, but chapter two is on hiatus. I’m trying my best to figure out (and hopefully get inspirations!! LOADS OF INSPIRATIONS!!) to continue chapter two. Otherwise, it’s on HIATUS.

For now, cause my workload from uni will most likely end up increasing (and I have courseworks already… and tests coming up soon!!), I’ll focus my time on “Ti Amo”. It really is an epic, original, idea – really don’t know how the hell I even came up with.

Too much inspirations from music, eh? x)

Arrivederci! Cheers!

Zona Heera.


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