Well I’ve been super busy during these past months, but having a 2 weeks Christmas break from school left me relieved. Well, rather I should say, HAD 2 weeks of holidays, since I’ll be busy AGAIN these months leading up to May, my final exams.

Nevertheless, I had managed to reformat Renewed, Episode 1, to a more ‘formal/proper’ ‘screenplay format’. So it won’t look all juvenile, if you get me drift. :B

Anyways, it’s a start to a new year! And some New Year’s resolution needs to be amended/ planned. :3 [Which is quite a LOT for me, coming from a year 13 student. HEE~]

HAPPY NEW YEAR (on a rather late notice! *shamesself* D:) !!! And hope y’ll had a great new year’s eve, on 31 December 2010, cause I certainly did! Was great to hang out with friends, despite that I didn’t know half of the people there, but all is good!

So, tell me cavern peeps, what’s your new years resolution? 😀 (I still have to come up with mine… but I’m sure there will be a few saying “FINISH OFF THE RENEWED SCREENPLAYS… AND BLOODLUST!! Dx).

~ Z out! xx ~


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