“Keep your hair on!”

I am so sorry you all, but I just realized that I haven’t been updating any of my literature or screenwriting projects. I have been so busy, really very busy, that I hadn’t had much time in updating nor writing any new proses.

The final year of IB is torturous, really it is. 😥 I have had no time to hang out, socialise or even be creative on my art and writing projects. Bugger.

Anyways, I will not be updating till…-let me think-… around Februaryish? Perhaps? The earliest maybe January? (But I will still be pretty busy then!).

And my exams are in May, and my mocks are in DECEMBER. On December 6th to be precise. 4 weeks away, and I’ve only started to revise for psychology. God, I feel downright stupid.

Did I mention that I have to rewrite my Extended Essay, a 4000 word essay, and a first draft of my TOK essay? – screams – And yes, I’m only in my final year of high school, NOT in university (which will be next year). 😥

Anyways….(again), I better stop before I continue to rant some more, cause frankly I can rant a lot when I’m under stress.

I hope you all understand about this. But I will update, once I have a lot more time on my hands. Thanks for your understanding! 🙂


~ Zonie ~ xx


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