Update #2. 14/10/2010.

Yeah, you know when I said that I will upload RENEWED episode 1 script? That never happened, as you can see. HEH. Just that I’ve been getting *sh*tloads* of workloads, as well as several courseworks (literally) and plus I have to rewrite my EE. JUST GREAT.

Oh and my university applications for the UK (UCAS)… and researching other Canadian universities, to ‘widen’ up my options. Let’s just say in short.

-My grades aren’t exactly ‘perfect’- *coughs* –

You peeps are probably furious with me though, since I haven’t yet to upload the updated version of BloodLust as well. So things I need to do over mid-term break (a week! It lasts for a week! THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!! D:), work, work, work AND EVEN MORE WORK (as in STUDIES).

Oh and to upload the ‘new and improved’ version of Episode 1 of RENEWED (as I changed it to a ‘formal’ screenplay format) and to upload chapter 2 of BloogLust (which I have yet to finish!).

God, I hate the IB! 😥

– The bloody writer out!-


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