ROOM 562.

I sit here alone at the cream green table, the fan swirling above me, rustling my hair – for all I care. Sitting, just sitting, in front of my laptop, staring at the blank screen; a blank screen full of lines, and the occasional phrases.

I write, I write and I write, but nothing comes by, for everyone here turns a blind eye around me. Whispers and giggles from their daily gossips, watching videos on the well known Youtube website.Music silently blasting off their laptop’s speakers, with each vibration came with each giggle.

I glance around, my eyes reveal the two at the back. Two girls with the similar two white beeping notebooks. There on my left, lies a grand table, where four lays, huddled to each other watching the flashing petite screen- different messages and notes were played.

I sit here in silent, the corners of my lips gradually, and slowly, turning upwards- rather cheekily.

I sit here all alone in room 562, on the same cream green iced table- just like last time.

(c) Zones.Heera.


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