3 sentences story. Try out.

Wriggling her small delicate toes in such a childish playful manner, Emily constantly giggles, shaking her whole body with laughter. Admiring her short chubby hands, the bright red stubby nails glistens in the sunlight – which beams and reflects off from her bedroom window- and holds it flat against her cloud covered wall; step by step, palms on walls, fingers -clutching- spreading wide and far to the very next cloud. Reaching the top of her attic bedroom beam, where she stands on her wooden bed frame, hands held high, she smiles widely as tears flows down her cheeks like her little silent sister.

By Zona Heera. 22nd August 2010


This was a tryout for a Deviantart literature “3 sentences” contest by :blobbikins:.

Link: http://news.deviantart.com/article/126610/

Anyways, what do you think of it? 🙂 

*Spoiler Alert* => In the end, it’s the dying twin sister of Emily. Both sisters are trying to imitate each other, in other words Emily feels her twin sister’s dying pain, and tries to make her feel happy (what ever a 5 year old can make her own dying sister happy do) before her final death. :’) D’awwww to her. ❤


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