Well school is nearly starting, my final year of high school (year 13), and I’ll be so ‘ubber’ busy all the time studying.

But I will try and work on renewed… bloodlust, well I’m hoping for some inspirations for chapter 2, that’s why I haven’t uploaded chapter 2 YET. Hopefully I’ll get inspired for the last part of chapter 2!

I’ve been editing Renewed 1.01, putting it in screenplay format instead of my childish screening format like my previous scripts. Hehe. Trying to make it a bit more ‘formalise’, and it’s good to put it in a ‘proper’ format, one can learn, non? And yeah, grammar mistakes has been edited as well. And lines which I think are crap, I’ve edited it as well, changing it to be more ‘interesting’.

Anyways, I’ve been busy recently trying to do summer school work, filming/editing projects, and writing Renewed. 🙂


The Bloody Writer. aka. Zona.Heera


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