So this is Heaven…


So this is Heaven,

where the pale white luminous clouds

lays by. Its feet swinging 

back and forth, lightly swishing past 

the warm cool droplets.

What I see 

are long swishes of hair

 slicing and sluicing 

the marshmallow waves.

The warm moist air 

fills my lungs with pleasure,

while I close my eyes

to hear the nonchalant melody.

Tears streamed down my cheeks,

when I remember

my first

cry of joy, 

My mother holding out to me

on my first step.

I glide my hand 

over the top,

never to utter a sound,

not even a breathe.

Not even a sigh. 

We are happy here, 

in our paradise, 

and this was 

my very first time 

to step into it.


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