“I swear that I will kill you one day.”

NB: This short prose isn’t to do with sweeny todd. The image used here is to just emphasize the mood and atmosphere of the prose. 🙂

All rights reserved to the owner of this picture. 

I looked at him with my bloodshot eyes, licking the sharp silvery blade with my tongue. I could see his reflection on the other side. What I didn’t know was his thoughts that went around his mind; the cold fear in his eyes.

He looked so delirious.

He looked so sweet… and delicious. Like a cold turkey stuffed to its brim.

He’s good, fat and plump. He’s juicy till its core. 

With one swish of a movement, I sliced his chest open, his eyes popped wide open in fear and surprise. I picked up his thudding heart, waited for a few seconds, and stabbed it straight in to stop the gradual beating. It doesn’t need it anymore. 

I rubbed the crimson viscous liquid down my cheeks, then around my eyes and licked each finger of its bitter sweetness. I slid my fingers on his eyes, closing his eyelids down to cover the past fear. 

Dragging his body down the stairs, and wrapping the dead corpse in a middle eastern rug, I puffed my way through steadily towards the front gates of the building. Everyone was asleep, and yet I was quiet as a mouse, apart from the occasional thud from the dead man’s body. The bag was heavy, I heaved it above my thick shoulders blade, my muscles ripping of pain from the constant abundant weight. I gradually pushed the dead mass over the criss cross steel gates, and finally it fell with a soft thud on the other side. I breathed out, and sat on a dumpster beside me. 

I couldn’t believe it. I have just done it. I have killed a man of innocence. 

And I felt good. 

He was right after all. 

By Zona Heera. A short jotted prose with no editing!


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