“There’s no turning Back.”

[0545 hours]

She lay there breathless, her mutual feeling of innocence washed away. A tear streamed down her cheeks, while the other man lifeted himself off her slowly, leaving a trace of his semen down her legs. She shivers, as she feels the cold liquid down her legs.

The pimp motioned to the woman’s father that he was done, and jerked his head left to right, then right to left. He grinned devilishly, once again showing his good gold tooth, to the woman and stroked her cheek. 

Then he slapped her.

In a sudden movement she got up and thrust herself to the pimp, ready to tackle him for what he had done not only a few seconds ago. The pimp shoved her down, pinned both her arms down onto the hood of the car, and held her legs with both his knees. He bent down, and whispered, “you can’t stop me. You can’t stop any of us.”. Within a few minutes he kicked her up off the hood with his knees, and had her sat on his right thigh, where his foot was resting against the car headlight. He licked around his lips; once around his upper lips and twice around the bottom. His teeth sank lightly down onto the edge of her neck, and he nibbled with his lips on her neck of skin. 

The woman tries to wriggle away from his iron clasp, but nevertheless she doesn’t succeeds. She tries and tries, with each pant of her icy breathe made in the musty winter air, she tries to unclasp his gripping fingers. With each unclasping, came another tighter grip. With each grip, came another groan from this man. 

“Let go of me!”, the woman bites his hand, only to have the man seize her in, reeling her into her chest. He grins again, ever so devilish, and a look in his eyes made her swallow her last drop of spit. 

He slides his lips up her neck, along her narrow heart- shaped jawline and up towards the tips of her ears. He whispers cautiously, “you’re only a woman, and nothing else. So use it.”. The man lets her down gently, but with one remaining hand still grasping at her right upper arm. 

“She’s mine now, and this,”, he takes out a wad of greens, almost identical to the ones that the woman’s father gave to him, “is yours. Keep it.”.

The woman’s father caught the greens in his hands, shaking a little of what he has done. But he has no choice, he must get rid of her. His feet takes him around to the back of the car, and his hands grabs the duffel bags to which belonged to the girl. He chucks it below, at the pimp’s feet. “I don’t need it anymore.”.

“Very well then, she can obviously carry her own luggage.”, grabbing her chin and jerking it in a sudden towards him. Her face was delicate, and so was his eyes. But he has no self pity. He retorts, “can’t you my love?”. Her eyes glances around his face, he wasn’t bad looking himself, he had a rough patch of stubble, and a silver earring attached to his left ear. He had distinctful eyes, and kissable lips. She muffles her voice as she goes below her scarf, and whispers lightly, “yes, I can.”.

“Good. You’re coming with me now.” and with the still remaining firm grip on her right upper arm, he pulled her along, with her shouldering the pain of her heavy duffel bag.

Her father gets into the car, and pulls away. The woman saw the car drove away; WE1999. A tear streams down her face, and slowly transform itself into an icy tear, till it stayed and stuck on her cheekbone.

The man nudged her forward aggresively, and leaned in to her ears. He didn’t need to say it, but he said it anyways.

He said, “There’s no turning back.”.

To be cont’d.


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