“Sealing the Deal.”

She winced at the sight of him, at the sight of his pure diamond bleached grin. She detested the smell of alcohol on her man. She didn’t like the cologne on the other man. It was too strong.

“I wish I wasn’t here, I should have been back in the house, not out here.” she thought unwillingly.

The other man grabbed her by the wrists, but gently wrapping his fingers around her delicate bony wrist. She glanced at him for a second, wondering what was going on, till her father places his hand on her shoulder. One of his eye was twitching. His left eye. It was always the left eye.

She grimaced. It wasn’t a good sign, in fact it was a very bad sign. The worse that you can think of.

The father crossed his arms across his chest, and leaned against the wooden fences casually. He wanted this done and sealed.

After a few seconds later, the pimp licked her right wrist upwards with his tongue, and with a sudden harsh push with his right hand, the woman flew back onto the hood of the car. She was agonized of what was happening. She didn’t have a clue. She looked at her father, but he didn’t even look into her eyes, he just turned his head in disgust, but rather proud of what will reveal itself.

“She’s got a nice body, a very fine shape. That I’ve trusted you.”, the pimp whispers, as he runs his pinky along the side of her belly, then circling around her navel. He leans down onto the hood, and presses his heavy damp body onto her feathery light existance.

The man of the girl just stands there, arms crossed, waiting for the deal to be finished. His daughter looking flustered, confused on what was happening, she was helpless and consistently look at her man. The man who bought her up since birth was letting this other man do this to her. It was all a dream, it wasn’t reality. It’s just a dream, she kept muttering to herself.

Till this other man whom she hardly knows, presses his heavy body even more, and thus she lets us a scream. A scream of silence.

The pimp flipped her skirt up, and pulled down her underwear. He glides his hand up her legs, and alongside her thighs and down to the black hole. The black hole of birth. He smiled grimly, with pleasure, and licked his tongue over his lips. Wetting it.

The girl shivered. She didn’t know what will this strange man will do. Once again, she looked helplessly to her father, but once again he just stood there. Watching.


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