“Give me a hundred bucks, and I’ll see to her”.

[0430 hours]

The man shook hands with another man. Not an ordinary man, and certainly not the same man as before. This one was different. He knew what was to come, he doesn’t mean to do this to his wife but he needs to. He wants to.

“A’right, I’ll keep her. She’s a beauty, and a good thing too.” the second man rummages around in his pocket, trying to find his last two remaining cigarettes. He fumbles with his half covered gloved hand, the tips of his fingers numbly cold. He finds them, then the lighter, and flicks the lid open. Each flicker of flame, bright and orange, then indigo blue to purple and finally back to red-orange.

The man watches him with each eye movement verse to each movement of the man’s fumbling arm, till the point he pulls out the cigarettes. Drops of saliva starts to drip down, with no response to his tongue. It stays there dripping, drip by drip, with each sticky drop drop to his right leather flimsy shoe.

The pimp looks at him from under his dark glasses, wipes his hand across his slick gelled hair. He smiled at him, showing his toothy grin, reflecting one shiny gold tooth.

“Here, you can have one. You look hungry.”, while he hands him the cigarettes, holding out his palm of two. He lifts his fingers to indicate to the other man to come forward.

The wife’s man eagerly came forward, stumbling a a bit, and stuttered, “Really? You mean it?”.

“Yeah, of course my dear. You’re hungry, I can tell.”, he winked.

“Th-th-thanks.”, the man snatched the two cigarettes off him, but suddenly the pimp slapped him. He retorted back, “I said one! You fucking mongrel! One!”

“Sorry, I d-di-didn’t hear that…”, muffling his voice with his left hand, while the other places the other cigarette back into the pimp’s hand.

“Tha’s right, just one. Now you’ve learned. Just one, and only one.”, the pimp twirls the cigarette around his fingers, wrapping each fingers onto its side. He finds the lighter again, flicks on the orange- red flame and lights the cigarette. He puffs on it lightly, revealing a ring of smoke in the musty winter air.

“Here, lemme.”, the man holds out his precious gift offer to the pimp, while the pimp lights it for him.

The pimp grew smug, “enjoy it, man. Make it last from now.”

The man fumbles with the cigarette carefully avoiding the hot flame, and inhaled it a little too eagerly. He coughs and chokes.

“Hey! Slow down! You don’t want to attract attention man! Take it easy!”, the pimp pats the man’s back vigriously and repeatedly trying to get the man’s breath to steady.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“Now where’s that wife of yours?”

“She’s not my wife, she’s my daughter.”

“Hm, but she’s a damn thing. Right, take me to her. Now.”

“Yes, yes, I rather should.”

The man shuffles to make way for the pimp, and strides with the same pace as before towards the young woman.

To be cont’d…


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