Different Options to Future Careers.

Seeming as this is my tumblr blog, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m an average 17 years old, with an insane mind and don’t like accosiating myself with people. Well apart from my close friends.

Generally people can be quite annoying.

For me I prefer writing. Writing, well, we much more to say, don’t we?

Thoughts, feelings and many more can be jotted down. 

Secrets too. 


But apart from all that balony, I can blab about myself in my author page. :p

Once I get around to THAT.


Careers are hard to decide. Especially when you’re at the end of your first year in sixth form. 

There are loads of careers that I want to be…

But I guess, the main course that I will be applying to for uni is business and management, perhaps into marketing career. Well most likely in other words.

But the other career that I want to be in is animation.

Or somewhere in the film industry… C: Perhaps as a scriptwriter or a camera person (I don’t know what’s the technical term for that :p).

Or a pilot.

Or an artist. But this links to 2D animator. Like I said before.

Or an archeitecture.

Or a forensic scientist. Which I doubt, cause I reek at science… and I’m currently doing physics higher in IB. Knew I should have just done DT… it counts like a sci subject. ._. And plus I love sculpting. 🙂 Especially trash sculpting, and me, I seriously care for the environment. And humanity works. 😀

See there are tons of careers that I want to do. 

But alas, my parents wants me to do business, what else can I do? D:


Question of the day: 

What are you planning to do for you future careers? And if you’ve got a current career tell us! Tell us what you think of it! :3 Even if it’s crap and shit. XD E.g: a fork lifter.


zonie out!


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